CInternetFile::GetLength() don't works

i've used into my FTP client class, CInternetFile::GetLength function to
retrive a file dimension from a remote file. The problem is that the
function return a different value from the effective dimension. Someone
could help me ?
Thank you in advantage.


padovanNO (2)
2/19/2004 7:48:07 AM
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use GetLength( ) method of CFtpFileFind.

"Simone" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> i've used into my FTP client class, CInternetFile::GetLength function to
> retrive a file dimension from a remote file. The problem is that the
> function return a different value from the effective dimension. Someone
> could help me ?
> Thank you in advantage.
> Simone
> Italy

jagadeeshvn (256)
2/19/2004 8:17:18 AM
There is no guarantee that GetLength() *on the other end* works, or is even

"Simone" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> i've used into my FTP client class, CInternetFile::GetLength function to
> retrive a file dimension from a remote file. The problem is that the
> function return a different value from the effective dimension. Someone
> could help me ?
> Thank you in advantage.
> Simone
> Italy

2/19/2004 1:54:01 PM

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