multiple page sizes

IS it possible to have two different page sizes within the same document.  
for 1 is 8.5x11, page 2 is 11x17 and page 3 is 8.5x11?  I know 
how to change page size within the document but it changes the page size for 
EVERY page....  is there a way to limit it to making the change to one page 
only?  Thanks
2/19/2010 5:45:01 PM
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How do you plan to print this document?
The only way I can suggest is to setup your publication as 11x17, insert a page. 
Divide page one into two pages, Arrange, Layout Guides, set your margins, Grid 
Guides, 2 columns, spacing, 2 times the margin. Adding a center guide is up to 
Create page 1 and 3 on page one, create page 2 on the 11 x 17 page. You may want 
to remove the grid guide when you are working on page 2.
Of course you will have to cut page 1 in half.

You might want to think about setting this all up as a booklet using the tabloid 

Mary Sauer

"tim in birmingham" <tim in> wrote in 
> IS it possible to have two different page sizes within the same document.
> for 1 is 8.5x11, page 2 is 11x17 and page 3 is 8.5x11?  I know
> how to change page size within the document but it changes the page size for
> EVERY page....  is there a way to limit it to making the change to one page
> only?  Thanks 

2/19/2010 7:13:04 PM

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