Outlook will not initialize and run after MS 10-17 security update

After MS 10-17, Outlook will not run...
Sig[0].Name=Application Name
Sig[1].Name=Application Version
Sig[2].Name=Application Timestamp
Sig[3].Name=Fault Module Name
Sig[4].Name=Fault Module Version
Sig[5].Name=Fault Module Timestamp
Sig[6].Name=Exception Code
Sig[7].Name=Exception Offset
DynamicSig[1].Name=OS Version
DynamicSig[2].Name=Locale ID
UI[3]=Microsoft Office Outlook has stopped working
UI[4]=Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.
UI[5]=Check online for a solution and close the program
UI[6]=Check online for a solution later and close the program
UI[7]=Close the program
FriendlyEventName=Stopped working
AppName=Microsoft Office Outlook
AppPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE

I ran office diags and detect/repair, but no help.
I also saw an error message complaining about a device error on my system, 
but none located; and an error about a Trend Micro TEMP module that had a 
hash table error, so I disabled TMicro, but that had no affect, either.
I'm lost at this point...the only other things performed on my system 
recently were a re-installation of Yahoo Messenger and Adobe 9.3 
reader...everything else is functioning nominally.
Any professional assistance would be greatly appreciated...thank you.
3/12/2010 1:23:01 PM
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