OUTLOOK 2007: Cannot highlight, copy, paste text in HTML mode

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Recently when replying to emails (I use html mode as default), am unable to 
use the mouse to highlight, copy, or paste text. The only way is to do it 
manually by placing the cursor at the beginning of what I want copied, then 
use shift to insert the cursor at the end, and hit ctrl cut/copy/paste to 
effect the action. If I do manage to get the text in the email highlited, 
it's as a block, as though the message was in a table and the entire cell is 
being selected. Cannot get individual words, sentences, or sections of text. 
FYI - mouse shortcuts work just fine in every other application. Have read 
about others having this problem in Outlook, and ran across one who had it in 
Word, but no information on what or why it happens. It didn't used to. Have 
not tried repairing Office install because it works fine in every other 
MSO2007 application.
Reply Utf 5/20/2010 5:57:01 PM

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