Mapi failure error message

I have a new laptop with Windows 7.  I use Office 2007 professional version.  
I am unable to use the 'send as attachment' option in any of the 
applications.  Outlook is my default for sending mail in the Tools and 
Options settings in Internet Explorer.  I see one of 2 messages - MAPi 
failure error or sometimes a request to close Outlook and try again when I 
try to open an Outlook message from an application.  Don't know if it's 
related, but every time I open Outlook I get a message box asking if I want 
to allow Outlook to make changes to the hard drive.  I always say yes.  Any 
helpful advice appreciated..
1/29/2010 9:44:05 AM
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You probably have an add-in installed which is causing this.
Which ones are listed at;
Tools-> Trust Center-> sections Add-ins

You can troubleshoot them by disabling them all and then see if the issue is 
still there. If not, enable them one by one to find the culprit. For details 

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]
Coauthor, Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003
Outlook FAQ, HowTo, Downloads, Add-Ins and more
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"DonnaO" <> wrote in message
> I have a new laptop with Windows 7.  I use Office 2007 professional 
> version.
> I am unable to use the 'send as attachment' option in any of the
> applications.  Outlook is my default for sending mail in the Tools and
> Options settings in Internet Explorer.  I see one of 2 messages - MAPi
> failure error or sometimes a request to close Outlook and try again when I
> try to open an Outlook message from an application.  Don't know if it's
> related, but every time I open Outlook I get a message box asking if I 
> want
> to allow Outlook to make changes to the hard drive.  I always say yes. 
> Any
> helpful advice appreciated.. 

1/29/2010 12:06:10 PM

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