How do I connect to IncrediMail? I use Vista, Windows 7, Virgin

I have used IncrediMail for years and love it but since installing Windows 7 
I just cannot connect to it. In consequence, I have had to set up an email 
account with Virgin Media.
I updated IncrediMail to see if that worked - no. I have tried all the 
"help" but cannot understand what to fill in, in the sections - I need 
step-by-step instructions. Gringe (or whatever) didn't give enough detail - 
just gave, "fill in on screen instructions"! I don't know exactly what to 
type in the sections for IncrediMail.

Please help as I cannot use a boring email account any longer.
1/6/2010 1:57:01 PM
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"FleeMA" <> wrote in message
> I have used IncrediMail for years and love it but since installing Windows 
> 7
> I just cannot connect to it. In consequence, I have had to set up an email
> account with Virgin Media.
> I updated IncrediMail to see if that worked - no. I have tried all the
> "help" but cannot understand what to fill in, in the sections - I need
> step-by-step instructions. Gringe (or whatever) didn't give enough 
> detail -
> just gave, "fill in on screen instructions"! I don't know exactly what to
> type in the sections for IncrediMail.
> Please help as I cannot use a boring email account any longer.

This is a group for Microsoft Outlook part of the Microsoft Office suite and 
NOTHING to do with "incredimail".

You need to find a forum for incredimail and post there. 

1/6/2010 2:00:53 PM
FleeMA wrote:

> I have used IncrediMail for years and love it

How is this an issue with Outlook, the topic of THIS newsgroup? 

> but since installing Windows 7 I just cannot connect to it.

Incredimail is an e-mail client (and a bad one), not an e-mail server.  You
don't connect to Incredimail.  You run it (and have *it* connect to an
e-mail server). 

Did you reinstall Incredimail after installing the new OS? 

> In consequence, I have had to set up an email account with Virgin Media.

Nothing to do with whatever e-mail client you chose to use.  Mail servers
don't care which e-mail client you use to connect to them. 

> I updated IncrediMail to see if that worked - no.

Oh, so you did install Incredimail after installing the OS.  So just what
does "cannot connect" mean?  How do you know it won't connect?  Might there
perhaps be an error message? 

> I have tried all the "help" but cannot understand what to fill in, in the
> sections - I need step-by-step instructions.

Your e-mail provider should tell you what values to use for what settings. 
You then match those settings with the ones presented in your e-mail client
when defining an e-mail account within it. 

> Gringe (or whatever) didn't give enough detail - just gave, "fill in on
> screen instructions"! I don't know exactly what to type in the sections
> for IncrediMail. 
> Please help as I cannot use a boring email account any longer.

All *accounts* are boring even if you using Incredimail.  An account (for
e-mail service), again, doesn't care which e-mail client you connect to it.
The account defines the resources you are allocated to use an e-mail
*service* and has nothing to do with what e-mail client you use.  

If you cannot follow the instructions that lists the settings for an e-mail
service to figure out to which fields they belong in the definition of an
account within your e-mail client then I suspect you shouldn't be using a
computer at all.  Their instructions will tell you the hostname for the
receiving mail host so that's what you put into the account definition in
your e-mail client.  They'll tell you what port to use, whether to enable
SSL or not (you don't need to understand SSL but just match up on the
settings), and so on.  

Good luck trying to get any help from the author of Incredimal.  They don't
support their own product - but they'll gladly accept your money if you go
to their payware version.  Start here:

Incredimail - The choice of immature, irresponsible, and ignorant e-mail

Incredimail is the choice of immature e-mail users, those that need to hide
the fact that they have little substance in the content of their message and
need to fluff it up with extraneous style and extra garbage.  Or maybe you
are a marketer or spammer and that's why you need to bloat your messages:
little to say so use something to enlarge it.  Sure, yeah, your recipients
want e-mails that are ten times larger than necessary and bloated with fluff
backgrounds, music, gifs, and other non-essential crap.  A simple 2KB
message will bloat up to 55KB, or worse.  Are you trying to irritate your
recipients that still use dial-up by making them wait longer to receive your
bloated mails?  You'll find anything you have in Incredimail, like contacts,
will be hard or impossible to get out once you decide to leave it.

Use a good e-mail program.  Incredimail isn't one of them.  If you decide to
continue using it, expect some of your recipients to block that crap-ridden
mail or even have it tagged as spam if you send many mails to the same
domain, especially for short messages since the fluff crap will constitute
most of the message and be seen as the major content of all those repetitive
e-mails.  Also, you may find your recipients don't appreciate getting
childish content.  The HTML coding it employs is awful, and it is highly
likely that most if not all of your e-mails don't even require being sent as
HTML messages (which, at a minimum, doubles the size of your mails to
provide an HTML copy and a plain-text copy assuming that Incredimail follows
the RFC standards which wouldn't be a surprise if they don't).

Be a responsible and considerate email sender.  Don't use Incredimail which
emphasizes style over content; i.e., you waste the recipient's time,
bandwidth, and disk space with fluff.  Once you decide it is crap, you'll be
back asking how to uninstall it.  ISPs or e-mail providers will support only
one or few e-mail clients (to minimize the training or expertise required by
their techs since the operation of the e-mail client is not their concern
but only in the settings needed for it to use their e-mail service).  Don't
expect any to help you with Incredimail.  From what I read, don't even
expect Incredimail to help you with Incredimail.  Did you even see a FAQ or
help page at their web site?  Well, there is a very, VERY minimal help page
but no link to it from their main page (go hunting on their other web pages
and look at the bottom for a list of links).

When I send e-mail, I expect only my mail server to get it and deliver it to
the recipient.  However, with Incredimail, it also connects to them to send
information about your use of Incredimail.  Read  Doesn't anyone
bother to read their, um, "policies"
(  They announce that they
will collect info regarding your e-mails.  Oh no, they're not spyware but
they DO collect info on your e-mails.  Sure, they don't spy, uh huh - but
they DO spy.  An e-mail client should only be connecting to the user's mail
server, not to Incredimail's server, too.  They would like to redefine the
term "spyware" to not include themself.  People got enraged with Gmail doing
that to provide targeted marketing.  No email program should track your
email (date & time, how many times you use their program, which pictures you
used) and store this marketing data on a server located in a foreign country
- but Incredimail does.  They admit that they collect info about your sent
e-mails which means a data collection and transmission mechanism is already
incorporated into their e-mail client. With that link between your computer
and their server, they can collect any information you enter into their
email program, including the contents of your mails, mail servers, and even
passwords.  They *promise* not to interrogate the contents of your e-mails
but the mechanism is already there to send them whatever they want, and they
already openly admit to spying on you.  The data is stored on their servers
in Israel.  Do you know the privacy laws there?  Have you ever dealt with
Israeli companies?

From their site, "IncrediMail relies on two platforms to make an income; 1)
the sale of its software products and 2) advertisement via the Status Window
in the application and on the Web site."  So either you buy it from them or
you choose to use their adware (ads in their Status window).  Not only do
they spew ads in your face but they also append their "promotional" spam
signature at the end of every one of your outbound e-mails.  Free accounts
at Yahoo and Hotmail do that, too, and why I will receive from their service
but I will NOT send through it.  Instead use your own ISP's SMTP server to
send your outbound mails.  However, if you use the free Incredimail client,
you spew spam in every one of your outbound mails.  Do you think your
recipients really appreciate getting Incredimail's ugly advertisement at the
end of your mails?  You think your e-mails look professional with someone's
spam tacked onto the end of it (in addition to all the fluff they add to
bloat the size of your e-mails)?  Are you devoted to producing amateurish

So here is crapware that severely bloats the size of mails, used by children
and spammers to hide that there is little content in their mails, spies on
your mails, spews ads in your face (unless you buy it although other *good*
e-mail clients are free), and spamifies your outbound e-mails.  Sometimes it
is difficult to believe that so many adults are so gullible and also such
irresponsible e-mailers.
1/6/2010 4:24:37 PM

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