Email attachments opened, edited, saved, closed, and lost forever

I've had this happen several times:  I will open an email attachment, edit 
it, save it, but not use the save as button, think I have saved it, but it is 
only temporarily saved in a temporary file, close it and I'm told it is gone 
and unretrievable.   It doesn't show up in the recently used documents 
section of Word or Excel.  It's now the only place I ever lose large chunks 
of data due to autosave--a welcome addition for a long-time veteran curser, I 
mean user, of the home computer.

Suggestion:  Have a specific prompt or macro to go to "save as" when any 
document is trying to save to a temp file.  Or prompt when closing and it's 
in a temp file-- "you are going to lose any changes" like there are in other 

It is extremely frustrating!!!!  I have tried to remember but obviously have 
not succeeded!

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3/2/2010 8:45:02 PM
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I agree. But you usually CAN find the document, took me ages to work it out ....
You need to do a couple of things. (Vista Word)

One: Reopen the attachment from the email
Two: Go to file, prepare, Properties
Three: In the upper right hand corner, you will see a file destination. Copy that
Four: Paste the destination into a navigation bar (found by right clicking the Start button and selecting "Explore All". This is the thing at the very top.)
Five: Start erasing (from right to left) the text until multiple options with similar file names appear. (If your attachment is called "Paper" you are looking for things called "Paper (1)" or "Paper (2)"
Six: Select files until you find the one you were editing. 

Hope that helps!
3/25/2010 4:47:44 AM
Thank you very much for the suggestion, I tried it and it WORKED, when the 
experts were saying that it could not be done.

"Kirsty" wrote:

> I agree. But you usually CAN find the document, took me ages to work it out ....
> You need to do a couple of things. (Vista Word)
> One: Reopen the attachment from the email
> Two: Go to file, prepare, Properties
> Three: In the upper right hand corner, you will see a file destination. Copy that
> Four: Paste the destination into a navigation bar (found by right clicking the Start button and selecting "Explore All". This is the thing at the very top.)
> Five: Start erasing (from right to left) the text until multiple options with similar file names appear. (If your attachment is called "Paper" you are looking for things called "Paper (1)" or "Paper (2)"
> Six: Select files until you find the one you were editing. 
> Hope that helps!
> ---
> frmsrcurl:
> .
5/19/2010 11:29:01 PM

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