This transaction cannot be entered

I have started to get a popup window with the text 
of 'This transaction cannot be entered." with just a OK 
button on it when I attempt to update something in one of 
my Money 2002 accounts.  I have had Money software for 
about 5 years now and this is a first.  Any ideas what is 
causing this?  I run McAfee virus scan daily and have had 
no virus reports.  I am running Win 98 SE.  
anonymous (74737)
11/14/2003 10:29:52 PM
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You probably have a corrupted file.  Look at the FAQ's at

I would also recommend that you open a case with Microsoft as they do not
feel that they have a problem with corruption, but many, many, many users
are having problems and until everyone starts calling them in to Microsoft I
don't think it will get better.

Good Luck
"cab" <> wrote in message
> I have started to get a popup window with the text
> of 'This transaction cannot be entered." with just a OK
> button on it when I attempt to update something in one of
> my Money 2002 accounts.  I have had Money software for
> about 5 years now and this is a first.  Any ideas what is
> causing this?  I run McAfee virus scan daily and have had
> no virus reports.  I am running Win 98 SE.

11/15/2003 12:14:43 AM

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