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I have created a dynamic calendar for my employees. each month is on a 
seperate worksheet with a tally worksheet at the end. It is based on fiscal 
year from Apr 1st to Mar 31. Any modifications are only applied on the April 
worksheet (the year) which is automated on all other months, this includes 
automatic changes for the days of the week, conditional formating for 
highlighting weekends, vacation days, training days etc. Year is in A1, Month 
in A2

I have two issues that I can't seem to resolve;

1 - on all given leap year, adding day 29 in the February worksheet. (having 
the option of either adding and deleting a column, this may hinder all other 
automated calculations) or (hiding and unhiding a column for that 29th day) 
located in AE1

2 - Automatically adding all calculated holidays to its associated current 
day and highlighting those days.

The only modifications to be done each year is changing year and "clear 
Contents" on every worksheet

I am pre-begginner but have managed to write up quite a bit.


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