the freeze panes icon is not working

the freeze icon is vague and did not accept any clik so, i can't freeze a row 
or a column or even a cell
1/13/2010 7:20:01 AM
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Using Vista???
Applications usually become NOT RESPONDING if additional tasks are running. 
Wait or restart the application or open the task manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc and 
close down the unnecesarry programs.
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"elshazlyas" wrote:

> the freeze icon is vague and did not accept any clik so, i can't freeze a row 
> or a column or even a cell
1/13/2010 8:26:01 AM
You may want to check he status of Windows - Split.

This can affect the way that the fereeze works
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"elshazlyas" wrote:

> the freeze icon is vague and did not accept any clik so, i can't freeze a row 
> or a column or even a cell
1/13/2010 2:21:03 PM

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