Copy named range, but skip blanks

My goal here is to copy "NewRecord" and paste values only in the first blank 
cell in column A on the Payment History sheet, while skipping blanks rows.

"NewRecord" has 22 rows with formulas in columns A, B & C.  Sometimes all 22 
rows will have data entered, sometimes only the 1st row. 

The marco works, but does not skip the blank rows in NewRecord - is it 
because there are formulas present?  How do I fix this? 

Also, how do I assure my macro is pasting on the first blank row of column 

Application.Goto Reference:="NewRecord"
    Sheets("Payment History").Select
    Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, 
SkipBlanks _
        :=True, Transpose:=False
End Sub

12/14/2009 5:52:01 PM
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LastRow = Sheets("Payment History").Range("A" &
NewRow = LastRow + 1

NumberofRows = Range("NewRecord").Rows.Count

For RowCount = 1 To NumberofRows
If Range("NewRecord").Offset(RowCount - 1, 0) _
.Resize(1, 1).Value <> "" Then

Sheets("Payment History").Range("A" & NewRow).PasteSpecial _
NewRow = NewRow + 1
End If

Next RowCount

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