Vlookup with Multiple Rows to match with one row

I am trying to match a one record to a list with multiple like records and 
only retrieve from the first record:

Record 1 Jim Smith

look up to Record 2

Record 2 Jim Smith Nice Guy
Record 2 Jim Smith Not so Nice Guy

 In otherwords when I do my vlookup 
VLOOKUP(B12,'Overall Transformations '!A:Y,17,0) it sees the two records in 
record 2 and brings back N/A#.

How do I tell it to bring back the first instance that it sees with Jim 
Smith Nice Guy?

5/11/2010 9:20:01 PM
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Me thinks something else is causing the #N/A.

If you have two  Jim Smith's in the lookup array, it should return the first 
one only and not "see" the second one.

(I assume the N/A# in your post is a typo)

Might not really have a match...?  Spaces or something like that.


"Motaad" <Motaad@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
>I am trying to match a one record to a list with multiple like records and
> only retrieve from the first record:
> Record 1 Jim Smith
> look up to Record 2
> Record 2 Jim Smith Nice Guy
> Record 2 Jim Smith Not so Nice Guy
> In otherwords when I do my vlookup
> VLOOKUP(B12,'Overall Transformations '!A:Y,17,0) it sees the two records 
> in
> record 2 and brings back N/A#.
> How do I tell it to bring back the first instance that it sees with Jim
> Smith Nice Guy?
> -- 
> Motaad 

5/11/2010 10:31:22 PM

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