subdividing a column

I am trying to develop a spreadsheet that I can list 2 columns of information 
under each month column...Is this possible in Excel?
5/5/2010 5:22:02 PM
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No, but you can have the "Month" over two columns.

conniemae wrote:

> I am trying to develop a spreadsheet that I can list 2 columns of information 
> under each month column...Is this possible in Excel?

5/5/2010 5:34:13 PM
you might consider merging the column header cells to make 1 cell over 2 


"conniemae" wrote:

> I am trying to develop a spreadsheet that I can list 2 columns of information 
> under each month column...Is this possible in Excel?
5/5/2010 6:11:01 PM

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