how do I unshare an excel file?

I have a shared file but I want to unshare it.
Is there any easy way to do this?
4/20/2010 11:12:05 AM
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Press Alt+T+B>>Editing>>UNCHECK the “Allow changes by more than one User at 
the same time.  This also allows workbook merging” and give Ok.
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"Me" wrote:

> I have a shared file but I want to unshare it.
> Is there any easy way to do this?
4/20/2010 11:25:01 AM
EXCEL 2007

Review / Changes group / Share Workbook / Editing tab - remove the tick 
(check) from the field called:-

Allow changes by more than one user at the same time. This also allows 
workbook merging.

 - field. 

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"Me" wrote:

> I have a shared file but I want to unshare it.
> Is there any easy way to do this?
4/20/2010 11:26:01 AM

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