how do i increase the value of numbers in a column by a percentage

i have an excel stocklist with 6000 items on it  ,i just need to know how to 
increase the whole price list column by a percentage  , thanks
1/7/2010 5:30:07 PM
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Say we want to increase a column of values by 6%.  In an unused cell, enter 
1.06.  Copy this cell. Select the column of numbers. PasteSpecial > Multiply
Gary''s Student - gsnu200909

"colinchurcher" wrote:

> i have an excel stocklist with 6000 items on it  ,i just need to know how to 
> increase the whole price list column by a percentage  , thanks
1/7/2010 5:35:02 PM
1. In cell H 1 I have:-


2. In cell I 1 I have:-


3. Just copy the formula above down the column:-

 - Ctrl-C in cell I 1

 - highlight cells I 2 to I 6000

 - Ctrl-V to paste. 

The above should achieve what you want. 

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"colinchurcher" wrote:

> i have an excel stocklist with 6000 items on it  ,i just need to know how to 
> increase the whole price list column by a percentage  , thanks
1/7/2010 5:36:01 PM
Say you want to add 10% to all prices, then enter 1,1 in an unused cell, 
copy the cell, then select the price column, and goto Edit > PasteSpecial > 
Operation: Multiply.


"colinchurcher" <> skrev i 
>i have an excel stocklist with 6000 items on it  ,i just need to know how 
> increase the whole price list column by a percentage  , thanks 

1/7/2010 5:38:22 PM
sorry I 1 should read:-


Apologies for error. 

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"colinchurcher" wrote:

> i have an excel stocklist with 6000 items on it  ,i just need to know how to 
> increase the whole price list column by a percentage  , thanks
1/7/2010 5:39:01 PM
Keep at it.  You'll get it right eventually<g>

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

On Thu, 7 Jan 2010 09:39:01 -0800, trip_to_tokyo <>

>sorry I 1 should read:-
>Apologies for error. 
>Please hit Yes if my comments have helped. 
>"colinchurcher" wrote:
>> i have an excel stocklist with 6000 items on it  ,i just need to know how to 
>> increase the whole price list column by a percentage  , thanks

1/7/2010 10:09:58 PM

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