Reference a table field in VBA

I've got a current Access project that I'm building.  The source files are 
downloaded reports and imported through VBA functions.  I'm timestamping the 
source files during the import process.  I now need to reference that 
particular timestamp (it will only be one timestamp) and use it as a variable 
in an export function later on in my VBA.

Here is an example of my datapoint

Sourcetable: sourcetable_1
Field: Run_Dte

Variable of Run_Dte needed

DoCmd.RunSQL ("SELECT A, B, C INTO [Excel 8.0;Database=C:\QC_PREVIEW_" & 
Format(Run_Dte, "yyyy-mm-dd hhmmss") & ".xls].QC " & _
"FROM qry_QC_Preview")

Hope that makes sense and thanks in advance for replies given....

Chris Unger
Analyst - Tyler, TX
7/2/2007 9:46:01 PM
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