Access 2007: Where does database name display?

I just had Access 2007 installed on my computer.  Simple question: where does 
a database's name display in Access 2007?  Sometimes it pops up at the very 
top of the Access window; most of the time it is hidden.  

When I have two databases open at the same time, there is no easy way to 
identify which database I am working with.
1/14/2010 8:13:01 PM
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Hi Daniel,

     The name or title show in the Access title bar.  Check the Application
Title settings in each of the databases to make sure they are not causing the
Access title bar to display nothing.  Office button, Access Options button,
Current Database section, Application Options subsection, Application Title
item.  If it is set to even one space, it can cause a problem.  So highlight
the entire field and either make sure it is entirely clear by deleting
everything or replace the contents with the actual name as you want it to

               Clifford Bass

Daniel Collison wrote:
>I just had Access 2007 installed on my computer.  Simple question: where does 
>a database's name display in Access 2007?  Sometimes it pops up at the very 
>top of the Access window; most of the time it is hidden.  
>When I have two databases open at the same time, there is no easy way to 
>identify which database I am working with.

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1/14/2010 9:38:15 PM

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