How to make a pop up query

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I have a form as follows:

Main form is supplier and subform is invoices and the mainform ans subform 
is based on a grid query:

The layout is more or less as follows:
Main form
Supplier no   :------

Supllier Name:_________

Job No.      Inv. Number  Inv. Date    Amount   Paid   Inv. Bal   Pay Ref
---------     --------------    --------     --------    ------  ---------  

Normally I put the curson on the Supplier name and hit Access Icon Filter by 
Form and I can view the outstanding invoices for the selected supplier.

Since the clerck keep keying incoming invoices, while I want only invoice 
upto Dec 31 2007, to be shown. How can I make a promtting  query to show up 
only Invoice Date upto Dec 31, 2007. So soemthing is like multi level query

I appreciate your helping me on this.

H. Frank Situmorang
Reply Utf 1/8/2008 12:27:02 PM

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