Adding Autonumber columns into a Query Result

I searched the group message and i found a function below to create a
AutoNumber column for a Query result.

Creating an AutoNumber field from code

I dont know how i can run this code in my Query.

Name of the Query : Q1
Field Name: Quantities

I would like to have additional column named ID which will be produced
by this code.

Can you help me?

3/27/2007 11:33:36 AM
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mezzanine1974 wrote:
> I searched the group message and i found a function below to create a
> AutoNumber column for a Query result.
> Creating an AutoNumber field from code
You can't use it, cause it is used to create a field in a table.

> I dont know how i can run this code in my Query.
You need a key to order, then you can use this:

   SELECT Count(*)
   FROM QuerySource I
   WHERE I.Key < O.Key
   ) AS ID
FROM QuerySource O

You may use the DCount() function instead of the subselect:

ID: DCount("*";"QuerySource";"Key<" & Key)

--> stefan <--
3/27/2007 11:54:13 AM

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