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Hello All,
I have a user that gets a lot of emails (Outlook) with pictures
attached and I need to give her the ability to drag the picture from
an email into a form.
I already have an Outlook database setup to house the personal
information that goes with the picture (Name, DOB, FilePath to
Picture, Address...)

I would like to create a small pop-up form that the user could drag
the file to and then when it is dropped on the form, open a another
small form that would request some basic info like first name, last
name and date of birth. Once the user has entered that info I would
like to save the file to a network directory using the name and DOB
information for the file naming convention. I can figure out most of
the other stuff, I just have never worked with drag and drop before.
So I don't know how to capture the "drop" event or how to get and save
the file information.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Reply jgeniti 3/29/2007 3:27:32 PM

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