Access 2003 Form Wizard and Toggle Button Confusion/Problems

I am trying to use the Access 2003 Form Wizard to create a subform that will 
response to a toggle button that I created and to display that subform within 
my main form.   However, I do not get the wizard window that is suppose to 
allow me to indicate that I want this to be a linked form so that it will 
appear within my main form (I see this example in a book that I have).  Nor 
can I figure out how to manually create a link to that subform so that it is 
associated to the toggle buttion that I created so that it will appear within 
my main form.  (I figured out how to write simple code so that the subform 
will come up as a pop-up, but that is not what I want.)  My plan is to have 
several toggle buttons that will display a different subform within the same 
form area based on which button the user selects.  Any advise would be 
greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
3/19/2007 5:13:12 PM
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