Sent Items appearing in Inbox

Every once in a while, when I reply to an email, there is an alert at
the top of my email saying:

"This message will be moved to the inbox after it is sent"

Then when I send it, instead of going to the Sent Items folder, it goes
to my inbox.

It doesn't do it all the time and I can't figure out what is special
about the messages that it does do it to!

I had found a message talking about checking in the IMAP settings, but
I couldn't find where that was, and we aren't using IMAP, we're using

Please help!


Mac OSX 10.4.5
Entourage v. 11.2.5

holleydot (2)
9/5/2006 3:25:44 PM 7017 articles. 0 followers. Follow

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Well, I think I found an answer.  I found it under the Mailing List
Manager.  There was a box to check if you wanted items sent to your
mailing list to go to the inbox, and it was checked.  Unchecking it did
the trick!


holleydot (2)
9/5/2006 3:50:52 PM

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