REPOST Re: Trying to get mailbox lock from process - Error: 1025

Has anyone made any headway on this issue? I am currently trying to 
determine if any informative messages are logged on the server side.



Hi Brent,

Is it possible the mailbox is being accessed by another client at the same


On 10/21/04 12:38 PM, in article, "Brent
DeCracker" <> wrote:

 >> Michael,
 >> Just to throw my two cents in - I'm having the same problem, and it 
 >> occur until I upgraded to 11.1.  I've been using the same server for 
3 years
 >> without a hitch.  Now, it loses the lock constantly.
 >> On 10/20/04 2:15 PM, in article,
 >> "Michael" <> wrote:
 >>>> Also, is it possible that the account is being accessed 
simultaneously from
 >>>> another client? (If it's a POP account that will generate the error.)
 >>>> On 10/20/04 10:43 AM, in article,
 >>>> "Michael" <> wrote:
 >>>>>> This is probably server implementation related. If you can 
provide the
 >>>>>> server info, I'll try and get a repro case to see what's going on.
 >>>>>> Thank you,
 >>>>>> Michael
 >>>>>> On 10/20/04 12:20 AM, in article
 >>>>>>, "C M Irvin"
 >>>>>> <> wrote:
 >>>>>>>> I've seen a lot of posts that skirt this issue. I have disabled
 >>>>>>>> simultaneous commands for the IMAP account in question but 
still get
 >>>>>>>> this error nearly every time I check mail or open a folder. 
Has anyone
 >>>>>>>> found a cure for this issue?
 >>>>>>>> Thanks.
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