Mac Word freezes Computer my computer

I have recntly purchased an apple Macbook intel core Duo notebook
running Tiger and MS office for mac version 2004 for students. both
have been fully updated off of the web.
When I load a word doc file off of my USB stick all's well until I try
to then save a file; when quite often, the coloured circle appears
forever, when word on the tool bay is touched it indicates that " word
is not responding"
when I try to force quit this some times works BUT then finder will not
work and will not reset, so the only way to regain control of the
computer is to hold down the "on/off key" and loose all of the data.
Though I am able to minimise the problem by having auto save no every
few minutes.

I use a USB stick to use the documents at college on Microsoft operated



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Hi Mike -

Using the USB stick to *transport* the files is fine, BUT:

NEVER Save directly to one!
NEVER Open a file directly from one!

Save to your HD, copy to the stick & at the other end copy to the HD & work
with that copy. Otherwise you're file becomes a corrupt pile of garbage just
waiting to dump on you at precisely the most inopportune moment :)

I'm not certain that the corruption hasn't already happened - that may be
the cause of the behavior you describe. If you still can't open the file
when you copy it to the HD, try using File>Open & change the Enable list to
Recover Text from Any File. You will probably lose any formatting but may be
able to recover at least the content.

BTW - if you're taking the files to a PC make sure to use the checkbox in
the Save dialog to Append File Extension.

Good Luck |:>)
Bob Jones 
[MVP] Office:Mac

12/7/2006 12:10:24 AM

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