simple line graph

I am a church consultant, and I want to make a simple line graph to
paste into my Powerpoint presentation, showing the rise and fall of
our membership numbers, from nothing up to 11 million, and then down
to 7 million. I don't know how to do that.

Tom in Texas
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Why not just create the chart in PowerPoint? It uses the same tools, as does

You don't give enough info regarding the data to be plotted for any specific
direction, but if you have a look at either Word or PPT Help on the topic:
Create a chart
you shouldn't have any problem.

HTH |:>) 
Bob Jones 
[MVP] Office:Mac

On 2/14/10 12:11 PM, in article, "Tom in
Texas" <> wrote:

> I am a church consultant, and I want to make a simple line graph to
> paste into my Powerpoint presentation, showing the rise and fall of
> our membership numbers, from nothing up to 11 million, and then down
> to 7 million. I don't know how to do that.
> Tom in Texas

2/14/2010 5:57:47 PM

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