shading behind text

I would like to place white text within a box of gray shading. When I
use the 'background' function, it shades the entire document. How do I
limit the background to a line of text?

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Depending on your preference I can think of at least 3 ways, but they all
may not be available to you... or instructions may vary. It depends on what
version of Word you're using & you haven't even indicated whether it's
Windows or Mac. Since you posted to the Mac Word group I'll assume you're
using a Mac version & further that it is the most current (2008):

1- If the "line" is actually a one line paragraph place you insertion point
in that paragraph, go to Format> Borders & Shading - Shading, then select
the color you want to use. If the line is a single line of a multi-line
paragraph, select the line & do as above. You can also access Borders &
Shading from that section of the Formatting Palette in the toolbox

2- Use the Highlighter tool available in the Formatting Toolbar; Click the
triangle on its right edge to select the color you want to use then select
the text you want to apply it to. [You could also select the text first.]

3- Put the text in a Text Box & format the box with the Fill you want along
with No Line or whatever line weight & color you prefer to use.

Method 1 can also be included in a Style, which would provide additional
advantages... Especially if the color needs to be applied in a number of
locations & may need to be changed/removed at some point.

HTH |:>) 
Bob Jones 
[MVP] Office:Mac

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> I would like to place white text within a box of gray shading. When I
> use the 'background' function, it shades the entire document. How do I
> limit the background to a line of text?
> thanks
> Ken

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