Corrupt Word file?

Hi All,

I have a Word file that I can open but can't work in. As soon as I try
to make any changes, the multicolored circle starts going around, and
I have to force quit Word. The person who sent me the file doesn't
have a problem with it. I sent the file to a friend who copied all but
the last paragraph mark into a new document, and I still could not
work in the new document. I restarted my computer and ran disk
utilities. I have Word 2004. Does anyone have any ideas to fix the


St. Paul, MN
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Hi Kathy:

If copying all but the last paragraph mark into a fresh new document didn't
fix it, then "no" we really can't offer anything more.

That document contains some object or structure that Word 2004 can't handle,
and unless you remove that structure, Word 2004 can't edit the document.

You could try a few things:

1)  You don't say what format the file is in.  Try saving as the other
format (either .doc or .docx)

2)  Try saving the file as a web page, closing it, opening the web page
version, and re-saving as a .doc.  That will remove some objects likely to
be troublesome.

3)  Try saving the file as RTF: again that will remove some problem objects.

Hope this helps

On 22/05/10 6:32 PM, in article, "Kathy"
<> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a Word file that I can open but can't work in. As soon as I try
> to make any changes, the multicolored circle starts going around, and
> I have to force quit Word. The person who sent me the file doesn't
> have a problem with it. I sent the file to a friend who copied all but
> the last paragraph mark into a new document, and I still could not
> work in the new document. I restarted my computer and ran disk
> utilities. I have Word 2004. Does anyone have any ideas to fix the
> file?
> Thanks!
> Kathy
> St. Paul, MN


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