Re: Importing Messages Into 03-28-10

In article uvOaP3jzKHA.3884@TK2MSFTNGP06.phx.gbl, Michel Bintener at wrote on 3/28/10 2:13 AM:

> Hi Rick,
> this appears to be a problem with Mail, not Entourage, so you might be
> better off asking the question on Apple's discussion boards.
> However, if the number of folders you are trying to import is rather
> small, you can simply drag the folder from the folder list in Entourage
> to the desktop; you can then import the resulting mbox files into Mail
> when you're done (via File>Import Mailboxes).

Actually, the number of folders is rather large. In the past, the import
would almost always get interrupted shortly after it would begin by
Entourage quitting; but upon relaunching, would pick up where it left off
and continue uninterrupted until completion. I assumed this was a minor
annoyance somehow related to the large number of folders and subfolders
being imported.

It does the same thing now (gets interrupted by an Entourage quit early
during the import), except (as I mentioned) after completing the import,
only the initial folder and its subfolders are populated.

> On 28/03/10 4:45, Rick O'Shey wrote:
>> Although I've successfully done this before, since moving to a new machine
>> running Snow Leopard, I can't seem to do so now: Although all of my
>> Entourage folders appear to have been imported into, only the
>> initial folder and its subfolders contains messages -- all of the other
>> folders and their subfolders are empty.
>> Suggestions?

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