Latest BlackBerry DM wipes out data in iCal/Entourage

This is a warning to those using BlackBerries. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT 
update to the latest version of the Mac DM. If you do, you will lose al 
your tasks, notes, and calendar entires on your Mac.

Are there errors in the Bible? How should a church 
conduct its worship services? Is drinking Alcohol a sin? Is racism wrong? 
If you want to learn, get answers, and be able to defend 
the faith, CERM is your place.
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John <> wrote:

> This is a warning to those using BlackBerries. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT
> update to the latest version of the Mac DM. If you do, you will lose al
> your tasks, notes, and calendar entires on your Mac. 
> 3-problem/td-p/487090/page/2
> John

A sign god is angry with you John for even THINKING about dancing the
other week! You're going to hell now!
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
4/27/2010 11:34:54 AM

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is it true that you have to pay for hot fixes.? we have to pay for fixes that should be done in the first place. Anyways is there a way to download hot fixes from some other source except Microsoft This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_010F_01C94E3A.01B74EF0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Daniel, If you are not on a RMS Maintenance program with MBS, then yes. If you = are on Maintenance, just go into CustomerSource, open a new support = incident and ask for the latest version of RMS. Be ...

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New thing and latest download
New thing and latest download Govern thy life and thoughts as if the whole world were to see the one, and read the other. ...

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I am running Excel 2000. I have 3 worksheets from different schools. I want to compare ratings from each of the schools in one chart. Can I do that and, if so, how. Thanks Yes you can build a single chart that plots data from 3 different worksheets. You haven't said what type of chart, so I will walk you through an XY (Scatter) chart. Let me know if you need help with another chart type. Step 1 - Create new worksheet where you will place embedded chart. Name your new worksheet Charts Step 2 - In your new Charts sheet, from the top menu select Insert > Chart to start Excel&#...