Entourage X database retrieval HELP!


I've read other postings of this issue, but no resolution, nor a final
answer for what is/is not possible when it comes to data retrieval.

My Entourage X crashed and will not allow a rebuild (no space on disk)
because 3.92 GB of memory were used out of 4 GB.  I had received
notice of this in the few days leading up to it and promptly deleted
large attached files and other large files.  When I continued to get
the message, I tried the basic rebuild and it failed because of no
available space.  I cannot open my Entourage as it insists that I
rebuild and crashes.  How can I reclaim my database?

Mac G5
OSX 10.4.11
Entourage X



I ran the Disk Utility and it seems that there is a problem with one
of two hard drives.  I don't think that has any bearing upon this
issue though.
12/9/2009 9:29:56 PM
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On 12/9/09 1:29 PM, in article
"MusicMover" <sfmusicmover@gmail.com> wrote:

> My Entourage X crashed and will not allow a rebuild (no space on disk)
> because 3.92 GB of memory were used out of 4 GB.  I had received
> notice of this in the few days leading up to it and promptly deleted
> large attached files and other large files.  When I continued to get
> the message, I tried the basic rebuild and it failed because of no
> available space.  I cannot open my Entourage as it insists that I
> rebuild and crashes.  How can I reclaim my database?

You can buy another drive and install the OS and Office X on it to recover.
I suggest a 500GB drive. I do recovery for clients. If you are interested in
my services contact me off list.


Prefix your subject with: newsgroup response

For more info on recovering an Entourage X database see:

Rebuilding a damaged database that exceeded size limit


In case the above link does not work:


Diane Ross, Microsoft Mac MVP
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12/9/2009 11:09:05 PM

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