Version 10 update security

What amount of time are people spending in setting up the new user security 
on updates from prior versions?  An hour per user?
mdewitt (4)
6/19/2007 6:01:04 PM
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Actually, it depends on how many users can be grouped and how many have 
truely unique sets of rights.  Properly using the Roles and Tasks can 
minimize your setup time to as little as a couple of minutes per user, once 
your roles are defined.

We cover this extensively in Version 10 Unleashed
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"mdewitt" wrote:

> What amount of time are people spending in setting up the new user security 
> on updates from prior versions?  An hour per user?
info4071 (3004)
6/20/2007 12:26:45 AM
My thoughts are even though there is a tool to convert security to the new 
v10 model, I would suggest taking the opportunity to convert to the new model 
and recreate the security from scratch using the supplied Roles and Tasks.

David Musgrave [MSFT]
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"mdewitt" wrote:

> What amount of time are people spending in setting up the new user security 
> on updates from prior versions?  An hour per user?
dmusgrav1 (1325)
6/21/2007 12:51:58 AM

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