vacation available not correct


This client tells me that the amounts appearing in the Vacation Available 
field within the Vac/Sick button in Employee Maintenance is not appearing 
correctly for a few employees.  

For instance, they just added 16.00 hours worth of floating hours (2 
business days) in the Vacation Available field for two supervisors.  They're 
saying that those 16.00 hours are not there anymore and they claim that no 
vacation hours have been processed in Payroll Trx Entry for these two 

Also, they say that one employee has a negative amount of vacation 
available.  The Payroll Employee Pay Codes History Inquiry window, they say, 
shows the hours that he had available at the beginning of the year.  Now, 
they say that the amount is negative in Vacation Available in Employee 

Now, this client has done some strange stuff in the past.  Frankly, I think 
that what they have been doing is messing around with vacation amounts in the 
Payroll Employee Class windows and rolling down the changes and getting 
surprised later.

I mean, if the vacation amounts are not getting processed during transaction 
entry, then the only other way that Vacation Available amounts can change is 
by changing the class and rolling down.  Am I correct, or are there other 
ways of changing Vacation Available?

Like I said, this client has claimed to see some strange things but I think 
it is all user error of some sort.  (This is the same client that claims that 
adding an additional letter to the First Name field in Employee Maintenance 
inactivated deductions for an employee!)


11/23/2005 10:35:09 PM
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