Tracking Numbers on Invoices

How do I add the field tracking numbers to my invoice?  What table is it on?

debbie4402 (121)
3/21/2006 3:19:36 PM
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"Debbie" <> wrote in message
> How do I add the field tracking numbers to my invoice?  What table is it 
> on?

HSalim (1270)
3/21/2006 3:29:40 PM
I need to print the LAST tracking number when multiple tracking numbers are 
used on the invoice.

How can this be done?


"HSalim[MVP]" wrote:

> SOP10107
> "Debbie" <> wrote in message 
> > How do I add the field tracking numbers to my invoice?  What table is it 
> > on?
> >
> > 
8/20/2009 9:27:01 PM

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