Tax Detail on blank invoice form (non SOP)

how I can print tax detail on blank invoice form (non SOP blank form) ?
10/21/2008 3:34:01 PM
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On Oct 21, 11:34=A0am, Raheel Merchant
<> wrote:
> how I can print tax detail on blank invoice form (non SOP blank form) ?

what tax detail you want to have printed?
10/21/2008 7:21:15 PM
All applicable Tax sepertely i.e GST PST HST

<> wrote in message
On Oct 21, 11:34 am, Raheel Merchant
<> wrote:
> how I can print tax detail on blank invoice form (non SOP blank form) ?

what tax detail you want to have printed? 

rrm6 (1)
10/21/2008 11:52:16 PM
On Oct 21, 7:52=A0pm, "Raheel Merchant" <> wrote:
> All applicable Tax sepertely i.e GST PST HST
> <> wrote in message
> On Oct 21, 11:34 am, Raheel Merchant
> <> wrote:
> > how I can print tax detail on blank invoice form (non SOP blank form) ?
> what tax detail you want to have printed?

I don't have access to Report Writer right now but you'll need to pull
in those data strings in Report Writer (Tools > Customize > Report
Writer); if you have access to it.

Awareness - if you are modifying a canned report, look into your
Report Writer manual to follow instructions. If you dig in to RW
without any knowledge of it, you can cause time consuming repairs and
even corruption to the reports.dic file.

10/22/2008 3:48:22 PM

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