SharePoint Alternate Access Mapping to my Dynamics GP BP site

If I have posted this question in the wrong forum please let me know!
I’m looking for some guidance on changing the Alternate Access Mapping for 
my Dynamics Business Portal site.  So I can implement Single Sign On via ISA 
Server which is supported on one web listener.

Present configuration:

Default Zone: http://geneva:222 

I would like to add:

Internet Zone:  

I presently have another SharePoint Collection (The Main Portal) 
http://geneva  configured which listens on Port: 80. I tried to add the 
Alternate Access Mapping previously but it had 
an issue with my Purchase Requests, so I had to replace the web.config file 
with a backup copy to as well as change the Access Mapping back to the 

I understand that the Microsoft Business Frame Works config file has 
something which needs to be edited also. The location I’m familiar with is: 
    <portalVersion type="String" value="4.0.2389.0"/>
    <cacheMenuExpirationMinutes type="Int32" value="4320"/>
    <wssSiteServer type="String" value="HTTP://GENEVA:222"/>
    <wssSiteURL type="String" value="/BP"/>
    <wssObjectModelSiteURL type="String" value="HTTP://GENEVA:222/BP"/>

Please let me know what needs to be changed and if I’m to implement SSL 
Certs for this site via ISA Server do I have to have the Business Portal 
listen on port 443 in the config file.

Thanks in advance!

Roosevelt Hubbard

9/17/2008 3:08:01 AM
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