Resource Missing error when importing Form with VBA

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to import a package file created on another machine onto a
couple of my servers.

It's only a single modified form with VBA code, called "UM_

However, every time I try to import the package on the server, I get
the error message
Resource "PrintReceipt" is missing.

Now, "Print Receipt" is defined in the package why isn't
Great Plains finding the resource?

Steven Vallarian

-----------------------payment_entry.package contents----------------

<Component Name="UM_Payment_Entry" ProductId="229" Object="Form" >
= Form	"UM_Payment_Entry"
		Datatype	"PrintReceipt"		
			Control	"PushButton"
			DefaultDown	"00000"
			DefaultMouseOver	"00000"
			DefaultUp	"00000"
			Prompt	"Print"
			PromptDown	""
			PromptMouseOver	""
			StaticType	"Mixed"
		Field	"PrintReceipt"		
			ArraySize	"0"
			Datatype	"(L) PrintReceipt"
			LookupForm	""
			PhysicalName	""
		= Window	"Maint_Window"
				= WindowControl	"(L) PrintStat"
					PositionLeft	"150"
					SizeWidth	"126"
				= WindowControl	"(L)
					ZOrder	"148"
				= WindowControl	"(L) WarningMsg"
					ZOrder	"149"
				= WindowControl	"(L)
					ZOrder	"147"
				- WindowLine	"275"
				= WindowLine	"276"
					PositionLeft	"276"
					PositionTop	"4"
					ZOrder	"140"
				= WindowLine	"280"
					ZOrder	"143"
				= WindowPrompt	"283"
					ZOrder	"146"
				= WindowControl	"Post Button"
					PositionLeft	"280"
				= WindowControl	"Print Button"
					PositionLeft	"596"
					PositionTop	"76"
				= WindowControl	"WindowHelp"
					ZOrder	"141"
				= WindowControl	"WindowPrint"
					ZOrder	"142"
				= WindowControl	"Zoom Button"
					ZOrder	"144"
				= WindowControl	"umCustClassID"
					ZOrder	"145"
			LastTag	"10001"
<Component Name="UM_Payment_Entry" ProductId="229" Object="VBAForm" >
VBAForm	"UM_Payment_Entry"
		Window	"Maint_Window"		
			Code	"Dim PrintReceipt As Boolean
Dim ReceiptNumber As String

Private Sub Connection()
'declare local variables
Dim TableCount As Integer
Dim i As Integer

'initalize local variables
TableCount = 0
i = 0

'get the number of tables
TableCount = PEGetNTables(CurrentJob)
'loop through all tables in the main report
'and set connection information
For i = 0 To (TableCount - 1)
    'set the table number
    TableNum = i
    'What type of database connection is it?
    result = PEGetNthTableType(CurrentJob, i, TableType)
    If result = 0 Then ErrorTrap (CurrentJob)
    If TableType.DBType = PE_DT_STANDARD Then
        'it's a PC type database, call the PC login window
        frmPCCon.Show 1
        'it's a SQL type database, call the SQL login window
        frmSQLCon.Show 1
    End If
Next i
End Sub

Private Sub Save_AfterUserChanged()

' this is the ActiveX Code i am working On
'  Dim CrystalReport1 As New CrystalReport
'  CrystalReport1.ReportFileName =
'  CrystalReport1.Action = 1
  If PrintReceipt = False Then
    Exit Sub
  End If
  'initialize the global variables
  Job = 0
  Handle = 0
  TableNum = 0
  TableType.StructSize = PE_SIZEOF_TABLE_TYPE
  CurrentJob = 0
  result = 0
  ErrorNum = 0
  ErrorMsg = \"\"
  TxtHndl = 0
  txtLen = 0

  'open the print engine
  Handle = PEOpenEngine
  If Handle = 0 Then
    ErrorTrap (Handle)
  End If

  'declare local variables
  Dim SubInfo As PESubreportInfo
  Dim WinOptions As PEWindowOptions
  Dim TotalRPTSections As Integer
  Dim RPTSectionCode As Integer
  Dim subnum As Integer
  Dim SubHandle As Integer
  Dim i As Integer
  Dim ii As Integer

  'initialize variables

  'The following sets the options for the viewer window.
    WinOptions.StructSize = PE_SIZEOF_WINDOW_OPTIONS

    WinOptions.hasGroupTree = 0
    WinOptions.canDrillDown = 0
    WinOptions.hasNavigationControls = 1
    WinOptions.hasCancelButton = 1
    WinOptions.hasPrintButton = 1
    WinOptions.hasExportButton = 1
    WinOptions.hasZoomControl = 1
    WinOptions.hasCloseButton = 1
    WinOptions.hasProgressControls = 1
    WinOptions.hasSearchButton = 0
    WinOptions.hasPrintSetupButton = 1
    WinOptions.hasRefreshButton = 1
    WinOptions.showToolbarTips = 1
    WinOptions.showDocumentTips = 1
    WinOptions.hasLaunchButton = 0

    TotalRPTSections = 0
    RPTSectionCode = 0
    subnum = 0
    SubHandle = 0
    i = 0
    ii = 0

    'set the main report as the current printjob
    CurrentJob = Job
    'set the connection information for all tables in the main report

    'set the connection information for all tables in all subreports
    'Get the total amount of sections in the Main report
    TotalRPTSections = PEGetNSections(Job)
    For i = 0 To (TotalRPTSections - 1)
      'Get the section code for each section in the Main report
      RPTSectionCode = PEGetSectionCode(Job, i)
      'Get the total amount of subreports in the section
      subnum = PEGetNSubreportsInSection(Job, RPTSectionCode)
      'Get the handle of the subreport
      If subnum > 0 Then
        For ii = 0 To (subnum - 1)
          SubHandle = PEGetNthSubreportInSection(Job, RPTSectionCode,
          If SubHandle = 0 Then ErrorTrap (Job)
          result = PEGetSubreportInfo(Job, SubHandle, SubInfo)
          If result = 0 Then ErrorTrap (Job)
          'set CurrentJob
          CurrentJob = PEOpenSubreport(Job, SubInfo.Name)
          If CurrentJob = 0 Then
            ErrorTrap (CurrentJob)
          End If
        Next ii
      End If
    Next i

    'Let the user select the report
    'if there is already a print job open then close it
    If Job > 0 Then
      PEClosePrintJob (Job)
      Job = 0
    End If

    Job = PEOpenPrintJob(\"c:\\CRWCSA\\Deposits\\DepositReceipt.rpt\")
    'if the report won't open, get the error
    If Job = 0 Then
      ErrorTrap (Job)
    End If

    result = PEDiscardSavedData(Job)
    If result = 0 Then ErrorTrap (Job)
    'discard saved data
    PEDiscardSavedData Job

    Dim ParamFieldInfo As PEParameterFieldInfo
    Dim valueInfo As PEValueInfo
    Dim ParamValInfo As PEParameterValueInfo

    ParamFieldInfo.StructSize = PE_SIZEOF_PARAMETER_FIELD_INFO
    valueInfo.StructSize = PE_SIZEOF_VALUE_INFO

'    NoneSelected = False
 '   For i = 0 To frmMemberships.ListBox1.ListCount - 1
  '    If frmMemberships.ListBox1.Selected(i) Then
        result = PEGetNthParameterField(Job, 0, ParamFieldInfo)
        ParamFieldInfo.CurrentValueSet = True
        ParamFieldInfo.currentValue = ReceiptNumber & Chr$(0)
        result = PESetNthParameterField(Job, 0, ParamFieldInfo)
        NoneSelected = True
   '   End If

    'If NoneSelected = False Then
     ' Responce = MsgBox(\"No Membership Was Selected. No Report Will
Be Printed\", vbExclamation & mbOK)
      'Exit Sub
    'End If

    'Update The Crystal Reports Info to Tell It The Location of The
    'and The User Name And Password. This will Not Work For User ID =
    'I Placed This Code Just Before The 'PEOutputToWindow' Call.

    Dim LogOnInfo As PELogOnInfo
    Dim TableLoc As PETableLocation

    LogOnInfo.StructSize = PE_SIZEOF_LOGON_INFO
    LogOnInfo.ServerName = ConnServer & Chr(0)
    LogOnInfo.DatabaseName = ConnDB & Chr(0)
    LogOnInfo.UserID = ConnUID & Chr(0)
    LogOnInfo.Password = ConnPWD & Chr(0)

    NumberOfTables = PEGetNTables(Job)
    For i = 0 To NumberOfTables - 1
      result = PESetNthTableLogOnInfo(Job, i, LogOnInfo, False)


    'set output to window
    result = PESetWindowOptions(Job, WinOptions)
    If result = 0 Then ErrorTrap (Job)
    result = PEOutputToWindow(Job, \"Sample Report\", 0, 0,
scalewidth, scaleheight, 0, 0)
    If result = 0 Then ErrorTrap (Job)
    'start print job

    ' Start Print Job
    result = PEStartPrintJob(Job, False)
    If result = 0 Then
      ErrorTrap (Job)
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub Save_BeforeGotFocus(CancelLogic As Boolean)
  If PaymentEntry.gbxStatements Then
    PrintReceipt = True
    ReceiptNumber = PaymentEntry.Number
    PrintReceipt = False
  End If
End Sub"
			EventMode	"1"
				WindowField	"(L) gbxStatements"
					ArrayIndex	"0"
					Local	"true"
				WindowField	"Print Button"
					ArrayIndex	"0"
					DisplayName	"Print"
					Local	"false"
					ProgrammerName	"Print Button"
				WindowField	"PrintReceipt"
					ArrayIndex	"0"
					DisplayName	"Print1"
					Local	"false"
					ProgrammerName	"PrintReceipt"
				WindowField	"Save Button"
					ArrayIndex	"0"
					DisplayName	"Save"
					Local	"false"
					ProgrammerName	"Save Button"
				WindowField	"umDocumentNumber"
					ArrayIndex	"0"
					DisplayName	"Number"
					Local	"false"
			Title	"PaymentEntry"

Steven Vallarian, MCSE, IBM CATE
Application Support Specalist
Central Service Association
12/1/2004 10:09:43 PM
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