recreating ME tables and stored procedures


Whenever a client is performing such tasks as voiding payables checks, he 
will receive an error message saying somethng along the lines of "a 
get/change" or "an open operation" on table 'ME......'" cannot find the table 
or cannot find the stored procedure.

Now, thanks to the "More Info" button on these error messages, you get the 
name of the table and stored procedure.  So, the short-term fix is to go into 
the SQL Maintenance window and easily create the table and stored procedure.  
Fortunately, these errors are just "nuisances" and are not preventing him 
from actually accomplishing what he needs in Great Plains 8.0.

But, at some point, I want to once and for all go through all of the 
databases and do some things to make sure that he no longer gets these pesky 

True, I could just go into SQL Maintenance the next time that I am there 
onsite and use SQL Maintenance to drop and create all of these "ME......'" 
tables.  But, I really think that it is better to come up with some other 
solution, as there may be tables and stored procedures missed if I just guess 
with the use of SQL Maintenance.

So, here is what I am thinking about doing.  If anyone has any ideas or 
pointers, please let me know.

Generally, any tables that begin with "ME" are Mekorma tables or are tables 
of modules that Microsoft Business Solutions bought from Mekorma.

The client does not have Mekorma MICR, so that would mean that these must be 
tables within the eBanking suite of products such as EFT or Electronic bank 

I was not there when the client first implemented Great Plains.  So, I do 
not know if something was not uninstalled properly.  (Perhaps, the client at 
one time had a Mekorma product and now does not.)

But, the client is registered for Electronic Funds Transfer for RM and 
Electronic Bank Reconcile.  (He is not registered for Electronic Funds 
Transfer for PM, even though he gets a lot of these errors when he voids 
payables checks.)

The client does not use the EFT or Electronic Bank Reconcile products.  So, 
maybe these errors are coming about because these products have either not 
been installed or have not been installed properly.  Or, maybe they have been 
installed on the server but not at his workstation (the controller's 

My plan is to go there and install these products on the server and 
workstations.  That way, whatever ME tables or stored procedures that are 
missing will be created.

Sound good?


1/7/2007 8:02:00 PM
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