Prospect require a Portfolio Management to integrate with GP

Does anyone knows any soution that can manage client portfolio at the same 
time it also can link with GP for manage accounting and finance.

Prospect requirements

Client & Agents Mgmt

- Customer Profiling - Add/Edit/Delete Customer details
- Agents Profiling - Add/Edit/Delete Customer accounts (commitment, 
invested, redeemed) amounts
- Generate monthly reports of portfolio holdings
- Cheque reconciliation
- Agents Commissions monitoring (up-front & trailer)
- Referrals commissions monitoring
- Generate monthly commissions report

Portfolio Mgmt

- Handle buying and selling of shares (listed & unlisted), money market, 
fixed deposits, bonds, debentures
- Track & monitor mgmt/custodian fees
- Monthly/Yearly/Year-to-date values of holdings
- Balance Sheet 
- Profit & Loss Analysis
- Daily Transaction report
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11/12/2006 12:06:02 AM
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