Prior year posting 2 years

Client has 2009 open and all previous years closed. They want to post 
transactions to 2007. GP by default does not allow that. Is there a work 
RichWheeler (196)
8/10/2009 4:11:01 PM
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There is no way to do this in GP out of the box.  If they absolutely must 
post to 2007, the option I would recommend is to have the MBS Professional 
Services team open the 2008 year for your client, which will allow them to 
post to 2007, since that will now be the last closed year.  Once done, the 
client would close 2008 again.  Professional Services only does this as a 
consulting engagement and the cost will depend on a number of variables, 
like number of companies, database(s) size(s), timing required, etc.  I have 
had this done for a number of customers in the past with excellent results.

Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP
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"Rich Wheeler" <> wrote in message
> Client has 2009 open and all previous years closed. They want to post
> transactions to 2007. GP by default does not allow that. Is there a work
> around? 

victoria (3340)
8/10/2009 4:28:16 PM

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