Printer setup #2

One of our users has lost a network printer connection.  The printer is not 
available in file>print setup.  We've tried restarting and shutting down the 
computer.  It's only happening to one user.  Any ideas?
Thanks for the help!
Terry (158)
10/3/2007 3:36:01 PM
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As it's a network printer you might want to ensure the print server is 
operational.  Do you see the printer when you go to: start >> settings >> 
printers and faxes?  If yes, then I would try to reconnect the printer, if no 
then the print server is not operational.

hope this helps,  rc

"terry" wrote:

> One of our users has lost a network printer connection.  The printer is not 
> available in file>print setup.  We've tried restarting and shutting down the 
> computer.  It's only happening to one user.  Any ideas?
> -- 
> Thanks for the help!
RC (240)
10/3/2007 8:03:00 PM

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