Payroll Posting Account Setup Window

We have customized the Payroll Posting Account Setup Window for a product of 
ours. We have received several complaints about the Payroll Posting account 
window changing the Account number if part of a record in the scrolling 
window has been modified.  We turned off the customization so we were working 
with the core window and not the customized window and we were able to 
duplicate the error.  The new account is being saved in the table, which is 
causing a tremendous problems.

Here are the steps to recreate this issue. 

1. modifiy any record -for instance the code field of any record and leave 
focus on the record.
2. Use the scroll bar and scroll down then back up to the record you were 
working on. 
3. click to the row above this record then click back on the record. the 
account number will be changed.

This seems to happen when there are alot of records in this window. I was 
not able to duplicate it with only a few records in the table. Also I was 
able to duplicate this in the core GP window. 

What is causing this behavior?  
Is this a limitation of the scrolling window control?  I have not seen this 
done in any other scrolling window.
Is it something in your code?  

Nick4562 (282)
1/20/2005 7:49:08 PM
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