Multicurrency reporting #2

I am looking at the multicurrency set up window in MS Dynamics GP 10.0.  The 
functional currency is US$.  The reporting currency is CD$.  The exchange 
rate is 1.000

My questions are:
1.  Does this mean that the system is set up to have a one to one 
realtionship between the two currencies?

2.  For what reports is this exchange rate relevant?

3.  How is this rate realted to the rate set up in the exchange rate table?

Rupal (2)
8/31/2009 5:04:03 PM
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Hi Rupal,

In the window you mentioned please refer to the following help snippets:

Functional Currency
Enter the currency ID that represents the currency this company typically 
uses for its business. 

Reporting Currency
Enter or select the currency ID that represents the currency used in the 
parent company's country/region. The reporting currency is used to convert 
functional currency amounts to another currency on inquiries and reports. If 
your functional and reporting currency are the same, the currency IDs entered 
should be the same. 

To answer you queries:

1,2)  The relationship between these currency is only in reports and 
inquiries, i.e. the exchange rate you specofoed here will default to reports 
and inquiries (muticurrency button) which most of the time can be overriden 
in reports.

3)Valid rates in the exchange rate tables are intended to default in all 
Transaction entry windows and can be overriden as well depending on your 
setup in Multicurrency setup window.

Hope this adds clarity to your query.


Dennis Araullo, MACS
MCTIP Administrator 2008

Dencio (69)
8/31/2009 5:23:02 PM

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