MS Dynamics GP 10.0 SP3 - Workflow installation problems

Dear All

Previously i've managed to successfully install Workflow on a client's
live server.

This is after 1-week of many support calls and emails.

Now funnily enough; i'm replicating the same installation procedures
on 2 virtual server images. Here's the basics

Server 1 (AD/Domain Controller)
Windows Server 2003 Std Ed
SQL Server 2008
GP 10.0

Server 2 (Webserver)
Windows Server 2003 Std Ed
MOSS 2007 SP1
GP 10.0 - Web Services
GP 10.0 - MS Sharepoint Wizard

As it is; i've checked and double checked everything is working, .NET
Frmwrk 1,2,3 and 3.5. IIS, MSDTC, ASP.NET 1 & 2, and all current
Windows updates and domain users etc. I think i'm all set meeting the

After all that; i'm still getting the age old Workflow Installation
Fatal Error message
"InstallSystemSecurityMetadata.exe returned -532459699"

I've even reverted to MS KB942001 for a checklist of problems that are
resolved and i still cant find out why Workflow wont install. It cant
be that one day you can install it on 2 live servers and the next when
u try and repeat the process on 2 virtuals everything works but
Workflow wont install. Any help out there please?
12/2/2009 8:53:20 AM
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So there i have it; solved the problem. Not really.

I just re-formatted the GP/Active Directory Server and re-install
everything from scratch.

So let's recap what the results of searching this forum will get you;
here's the ingredients

*(The following Information is based on Windows Server 2003 SP2; SQL
Server 2008 Standard; MS Office Sharepoint Server 2007 SP2; GP10.0

1) You MUST HAVE 2 Windows 2003 Servers. Virtual and/or physical
doesn't matter. But they must be able to communicate with each other.
You Cannot use Server 2008 and above.
	*(I recommend new clean server installs.)
2) .Net Framework 2, 3, 3.5
	*(Latest patched updates)
3) IIS and ASP.NET 2.0 services running
	*(Normally WinServer 2003 will Default turn ON ASP.NET 1. You'll need
to run/Enable ASP.NET 2.0 through command prompt. Google Search the
net for "Enable ASP.NET 2" for instructions how-to)
4) 1x (ONE) Active Directory Server (Domain Controller) *(Use one of
the Servers in (1))
5) A Copy of Microsoft Dynamics KB Article 942001 (as a checklist for
6) MS SQL Server 2008 (2005 should be ok as well; but since my install
was using this; why change? :))
7) 5x (FIVE) Domain USER Profiles (Standard), 2x (TWO) Domain
ADMINISTRATOR profiles (with local/Domain admin rights as well as
remote access rights)
8) Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) 2007 SP1 (or later). NOT
9) 1x (ONE) Dedicated "webserver" - Server to host GP Web Services,
MOSS, Workflow (Use the 2nd server in (1))
10) A set of the GP WebServices & Workflow Installation guides
11) A list of at least 5-ports (HTTP) that are going to be allocated
to the webserver IIS webpages. Preferably something between

Got all the ingredients ready? So lets get started cooking! Do note
that this is not a detailed walkthrough or step-by-step. It requires
that you have first-hand knowledge of Windows Server 2003 installation
& setup as well as some familiarity with GP 10.0 installation. Also
make sure you have the WebServices & Workflow Installation Guides on
hand! All this is just MY Version of added information that proves
useful (to me) for helping me install GP10.0 Workflow.

1) Setup the IP of the servers. Try and use something that's not the
same IP as your domain network (if you happen to be using the same
network infrastructure while making this WorkFlow installation). For
the WebServer though; when setting the IP; see if the Preferred/
Primary DNS points to the GP/AD Server. It'll Make domain login
authentication abit faster for you. Also; you may want to use remote
desktop/VNC to help you move between the 2 servers (physical/virtual)

2) Convert 1x (ONE) of the servers into a Active Directory Domain
Controller. Allow the Windows 2003 to auto-setup the Server Roles as
well as the DNS server role. Let's call this the GP/AD server, because
this server we're going to install the base GP modules as well. Enable
the File Server role as well.

3) Create the 5x Domain Users (4x to be used by MOSS installation
(User #1-4). 1x to be used by GP web services install) and 2x Domain
Administrators. Label them accordingly so that it'll be easier for you
to track when Windows Server runs the services. Refer to the "Workflow
installation guide" pg 31 for the user types.

4) On the "webserver" ; set it up to connect to join the GP/AD Server

5) Install SQL Server onto the GP/AD Server.

6) Install the standard GP10.0 modules as well as FABRIKAM sample

7) Test GP10.0 operational status. Just run and load the Fabrikam to
see if GP works fine.

*** The GP/AD Server is now done. Now we move onto the WebServer where
all the installation work starts. Remember to keep your copy of the GP
WebServices & Workflow Installation Guide's on-hand for your
reference!! *****

8) Create a new IIS Web-site in the WEBSERVER. DO NOT use the default
website (the one using Port 80)

9) In the WEBSERVER; Install GP Web Services using 1x of the Domain
User credentials to install. Make sure NOT TO USE the DEFAULT IIS
WebPage. *(That's why I told you to create one in step-8)

10) Install MS Sharepoint. When running the "SharePoint Products and
Technologies Configuration Wizard" setup; use the DOMAIN USER #1.
Refer to your own list of HTTP Port numbers that you've specially
allocated for this project. MOSS will use that port for its own

11) Install the hotfixes if necessary. *(Due to me using the latest
MOSS 2007 SP1 and .Net Framework patches; I didnt need and couldnt
install the hotfixes  as they're already outdated by the latest

12) Start "Sharepoint 3.0 Central Administration" and start activating
the SharePoint Services. Goto the "Topology & Services" > "Services on
Server" configuration screen. According to the Install Guide; you need
to turn on what's necessary. I find if you turn them ALL ON; you'll
get things working. When Turning ON the services; use the spare Domain
\Administrator#2 or DOMAIN\USER#1 profile. THis will help things move
along further because the SSP and webApp actually need to use the
LoadBalancer and Index Search modules to operate. Dont understand the
last sentence? dont worry, you will soon enough.

13) Create at least 3x (Three) Web Applications. *(Read the -
=optional=- sections in the Install guide? I say this is MANDATORY)
	WebApp i) This will be used by the SSP program later to act as its
own configuration screen. Install/Create this using the DOMAIN\USER#2
	WebApp ii) This will be the "MYSITES" you find in the Install guide.
Supposedly, Its the webapp that will be used by GP10.0 to display/
store the individual domain\users GP information. Install/Create this
using the DOMAIN\USER#2
	WebApp iii) The actual webapp that GP Workflow will use for itself
during the installation. Install/Create this using the DOMAIN\USER#4

14) Create the SSP (Shared Service Provider). Use the WebApp (i) as
its "Web Application" and Web App (ii) as its "My Site location". Use
Domain\USER#3 as its "SSP Credentials".

15) Test the SSP as per the Workflow Install Guide.

16) Add all 4x MOSS Domain\USERs and the 1x Domain\Administrator to
the permissions list.

17) Start Install GP10.0 Workflow

18) Start Praying............

Now here's the DONT'S of GP10.0 WorkFlow installation
1) GP10.0 Workflow CANNOT BE INSTALLED on a Active Directory Domain
Controller Server *(Basically it has to be on a 2nd server)
2) GP10.0 Workflow CANNOT BE INSTALLED on Windows 2008
3) DO NOT USE the Default IIS WebPage/Port 80. You're asking for a lot
of trouble.
4) DON'T think this guide is a gospel to fixing your error problem. it
doesnt. I'm just helping you plan ahead of what extra's you need when
installing GP10.0 workflow; not telling you step-by-step.

So if anybody else has more to contribute; please do so! 'Cos i never
could find out what was causing the error "-532459699" even after 2
repeated clean installs. But i do know that these were the steps i
used and after the 3rd & 4th attempt it was fine! I hope this is of
some help to some of you people
12/28/2009 7:57:31 AM

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