Month-End Closing in Great Plains 8.0

Might I get some information about Month-End Closing?

The detailed steps I should take
The precautions and cautions I shoud aware of.

Alexis (46)
11/24/2005 4:52:01 AM
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Hello Alexis,

There are so many factors that goes into this depending on which modules 
you have, but generally speaking, Great Plains doesn't have a "hard" month-end 
as with many other ERP solutions.  Perhaps contact your VAR to help you determine 
what procedures you need to perform as part of your month-end. 

Kind Regards
Eddie Fourie
MBS Specialist

A> Might I get some information about Month-End Closing?
A> The detailed steps I should take
A> The precautions and cautions I shoud aware of.
A> Thanks,
A> Alexis

nomailhere (63)
11/24/2005 7:28:27 AM

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