Master Post - Financial Series - how to view batch transactions?

Hello, we have Post TO GL so after posting in the sub series, there
are batches in the Financial series that need to be posted.  But how
do I view the transactions that make up those batches?  When I mark /
unmark a line and click the Batch ID hyperlink then the Transaction
button, it doesn't display any transactions.  What is the best way to
review the transactions that make up a batch in Master Post -
Financial Series?


6/7/2010 7:33:25 PM
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The same Batch Entry window opens from Master Posting as from any
other area in GP.  When you click on the Transactions button, you have
to scroll backward using the scrolling arrows at the bottom left
corner of the transactions window to see them.  I always use the
'First Record' button |< to go to the first transaction in the batch.

Hope this helps,

Frank Hamelly
East Coast Dynamics

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6/7/2010 7:53:57 PM

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