Line Item comments in SOP Transaction in Sales Line Item Smartlist

The Sales Line Item smartlist, comment fields (Comment 1, Comment 2...)
seems to be picking up comment from the transaction level comment text
rather than line item comment text entered in Sales Item detail entry
screen. Seems illogical to me. It should pick comment text from Line
item details rather than transaction level comments.

Any Ideas?

ReachSamit (35)
5/16/2006 10:52:35 AM
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What version?  It seems fine in 8.0.


"Samit" wrote:

> The Sales Line Item smartlist, comment fields (Comment 1, Comment 2...)
> seems to be picking up comment from the transaction level comment text
> rather than line item comment text entered in Sales Item detail entry
> screen. Seems illogical to me. It should pick comment text from Line
> item details rather than transaction level comments.
> Any Ideas?
VGrinam (75)
5/18/2006 11:11:02 AM

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