Inventory is wrong, purchase receipts is wrong

Item A in the Inquiry > Inventory > Item Transaction for 
Site A yields the following:

Receipt 12/11/2003  Qty 12
Variance  17/7/2004 Qty (12)
Receipt 1/9/2004    Qty 8
Receipt 1/9/2004    Qty 3
Receipt 1/22/2004   Qty 5
Receipt 1/22/2004   Qty 6
Adj 1/22/2004       Qty(1)
Adj 1/22/2004       Qty(2)
Tranfer 1/23/04     Qty 1

According to this, I would have a total of 20. However, 
the Transfer on 1/23/2004 is transferring FROM Site A TO 
Site B.  Why is this not a negative?  As well, this does 
not show in the purchase receipts.  At the very end, if I 
add up the quantities from this report, using (1) as the 
qty for Site A, I should have On Hand 4.  GP says 6. 

If I look at the transactions for Site B, the transfer 
does not show at all.  The total qty is 2, which matches 
the On Hand, but where is the increase of the 1 from the 

From what I calculate, Site A should be 4 instead of 6 
and Site B should be 3 instead of 2.  When this item has 
a cost of over $2000, you can see my issue.

We have over 10,000 items.  I can't check every single 
one.  How are we supposed to reconcile if the 
transactions are not showing correctly, the purchase 
receipts is different from the transaction inquiry, stock 
status is wrong because it pulls from the incorrect 
purchase receipts.

Are we not supposed to be able to count the quantities 
from the Item Transaction Inquiry correctly then match 
that to our On Hand??
luvsql1 (5)
7/15/2004 5:13:20 PM
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