Incoming service error, help

I am writing code to push an message to the econnect_incoming queue, then I
was hoping the eConnect incoming service can pick it up and drop it to the
GP database.
I watch the code (, attached) line by line, no problem pushing the
message to MSMQ, but I did not see it get into the GP database. Then in the
eConnect log, I found this error:
Event Type: Error
Event Source: eConnect_Incoming_Service
Event Category: None
Event ID: 0
Date:  9/17/2004
Time:  1:25:49 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: TEST
eConnect Incoming Service Version=
Cannot find a formatter capable of reading this message.
   at System.Messaging.Message.get_Body()
   at eConnect_Incoming.eConnect_Incoming.MyReceiveCompleted(Object source,
ReceiveCompletedEventArgs asyncResult)

Here is the code:
1. Serializa a eConnect object

 Dim objMEM As New MemoryStream
        Dim xmlSERIALIZE As New XmlSerializer(GetType(eConnectType))
        Dim type_eConnect As New eConnectType
        Dim type_SOP As New SMTransactionBatchType
        Dim strLabel As String

        Dim objBatch As New taCreateUpdateBatchHeaderRcd

        With objBatch
            .BACHNUMB = "ECONNECT"

            .BCHCOMNT = "Batch Testing"

            .SERIES = 2

            .GLPOSTDT = "2002-07-15"

            .BCHSOURC = "GL_Normal"

            .DOCAMT = 0

            .ORIGIN = 1

            .NUMOFTRX = 20

            .CHEKBKID = "PryRoll"
            .CNTRLTOT = 1000.0
            .CNTRLTRX = 10

        End With

        type_SOP.taCreateUpdateBatchHeaderRcd = objBatch
        ReDim Preserve type_eConnect.SMTransactionBatchType(0)
        type_eConnect.SMTransactionBatchType(0) = type_SOP

        xmlSERIALIZE.Serialize(objMEM, type_eConnect)
        strLabel = "LLIN2001"

2. push to MSMQ

Private Const mECON_Q_IN = ".\private$\econnect_incoming"
Private Const mECON_Q_DEADLETTER = ".\private$\econnect_incoming_deadletter"


  Dim myMSG As New Message
        Dim strXML As String
        Dim myQ As MessageQueue

        If Not MessageQueue.Exists(mECON_Q_IN) Then
            MessageQueue.Create(mECON_Q_IN, True)
        End If

        Obj.Position = 0
        Dim xmlReader As New XmlTextReader(Obj)
        While xmlReader.Read

            strXML = strXML & xmlReader.ReadOuterXml & vbCr
        End While

        myQ = New System.Messaging.MessageQueue("FormatName:DIRECT=OS:" &
        myQ.Formatter = New System.Messaging.XmlMessageFormatter

        myMSG.Label = Label
        myMSG.Body = strXML

        Dim omsgTx As New System.Messaging.MessageQueueTransaction
        myQ.Send(myMSG, omsgTx)
        omsgTx = Nothing
I have no problem to use the XMLPusher to manually push the same XML file to
MSMQ, and the Incoming service was able to pick it up.
I watch the above code execute line by line, no error. but, looks like the
incoming service can not read teh message, Would someone give me some


llin (8)
9/17/2004 10:04:05 PM
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