High Standard Cost Revaluation Amount


In GP Manufacturing 10.0, what are some things that typically cause the 
Standard Cost Revaluation account to be so large in one month and not so 
large in the other months?

5/25/2008 3:01:01 PM
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First of all, running it each month is not normal.  Most SC firms revalue 
one, two, or four times a year.  However.....

Look for manufacturing costs variances by using the Order Variance window 
under Inquiry->Manufacturin->MOs->Order Variance.  Look for material 
variances here as the rollup will pull actual material costs at the proposed 
rate of consumption but only proposed labor and overhead costs.

Make sure no one is changing the Labor Code rates or overhead rates.

Look for changes to the BOMs and/or routers for material quantities, new 
materials, production timings, etc.

And, of course, look for cost changes to the purchased items.  If these 
items are not Periodic items, each purchase will change their value.  Look 
for spot buys (small quantities with rush charges) that will temporarily 
inflate the cost of the item.

There are many other things but these are the top 4.  For more places to 
look, check out the reasons for variances listed in our Manufacturing Cost 
Accounting for Dynamics GP manual.

Richard L. Whaley
Author / Consultant / MVP
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"childofthe1980s" wrote:

> Hello:
> In GP Manufacturing 10.0, what are some things that typically cause the 
> Standard Cost Revaluation account to be so large in one month and not so 
> large in the other months?
> childofthe1980s
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5/27/2008 6:07:07 PM

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