I installed SDK on GP 9.
What I have on the help file is links to the word documents.

I'm trying to issue an inventory transaction, does the IVTRX.doc file is the 
sequence I should programatically follow with ADO.Net or any other DB 
to add records according to the mentioned sequence or does there an API 
mechanizem to do that ?

The second thing I noticed is the ivObjRef.doc file which describe some API 
to manipulate inventory objects, how do I access this API, from what tool ?
is it possible to access this API from visual studio ?

Today I manage to save inventory transactions using eConnect but I want in 
the end of the day to issue transactions through my own code with no need of 
the eConnect, for example in the standard version or the Business Assentials 
which do not have access to eConnect, manipulating all this inventory 
transaction all when GP is off as with the eConnect.



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